Our development team includes leading experts in radiology and world experts in deep learning/artificial intelligence including the ‘inventor of deep learning’, Yann LeCun.

We welcome the best of minds to our team.

Inquire to join us and be part of this amazing revolution.

Kim Nguyen, MD

Master Medical Strategist

CEO and Co-Founder


Robert Lufkin, MD

Principal Medical Efficacy Architect



Professor of Radiology [retired]

UCLA School of Medicine

Yann LeCun, PhD

Artificial Intelligence Strategist

Artificial Intelligence Director


Professor of Computer Science

New York University

Robert Rankin BEC, LLB

Chairman, DeepRadiology

Former CEO Deutsche Bank

Asia Pacific Region

Former Head of Corporate Finance

Deutsche Bank

Former Head of Investment Banking

UBS Asia

Stefano Soatto, PhD

Algorithmic Design Strategist

Director of Applied Science

Amazon Web Services Deep Learning

Professor of Computer Science

Director UCLA Vision Laboratory

Andrea Vedaldi, PhD

Platform Innovation Strategist

Associate Professor of Engineering Science

University of Oxford

Zhuowen Tu, PhD

Medical Visual Computing Strategist

Associate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering

UC San Diego

Jameson Merkow, PhD
Master Technology Architect