Locations: U.S. & U.K.


DeepRadiology, a startup pioneering the use of Deep Learning for Medical Image Analysis, is seeking outstanding applicants for multiple positions in the fields of Deep Learning/Machine Learning, Medical Image Analysis, Optimization, Computer System Engineering.

Familiarity with modern Machine Learning, including software tools such as Tensorflow, Torch, MXNet, Caffe or similar, in addition to proficiency in C/C++ and Python are necessary. PhD or MS in Computer Science or related disciplines beneficial but not necessary. Experience with CUDA is a plus.

Specifically, seeking candidates with experience in designing and deploying algorithms for large-scale image processing; experience with data collection and large-scale supervised learning; experience with training and adapting deep learning tools and packages.

Compensation is competitive and commensurate to skill and experience, including equity.

All inquiries: careers(at)